Things I love! : Reasons to be alive!

Hug heart.jpg

Listening to a song that fills my heart with emotion and enlivens my body.

Stroking the soft fur of my puppy dog Jasper.

Watching UK dramas on slow lazy Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

A walk through an open field.

When you smile at someone, and they smile back.

Soft rain.

Soft sand.

Being hugged.

Feeling the rain fall after long days of heat and dry.

Walking barefoot on the grass

Seeing children play.



Reading a poem that speaks to my soul.

Listening to radio shows interviewing authors and writers speaking about their work.

Sunlight falling across the carpet or furniture on late afternoons.




The ocean.


The pregnant silence of late nights and early mornings when the world is at rest.

What do you love?Β  What makes you glad to be alive?

18 thoughts on “Things I love! : Reasons to be alive!

  1. A certain passage from a favorite book that always inspires me, no matter how many times I read it. And doing something positive for someone else, and knowing you made an impact in the doing.
    It’s the little things that mean so much.

  2. I always stress this ,, I love life so much, I love outdoors , an adventure, grandkids,bowling,love to just keep moving, the ability to explore things I have never seen or done, meet new people , and to just have fun and live

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