Finding My Voice

A beautiful post on the power of writing and the journey of the writer finding her voice! Some powerful synchronicity here ❤

Her Patchwork Heart

“Why English?

The other day during an interview I was asked, “Why English?”.
I gave the standard “I love reading. I’m good at research. I’ve always been pretty drawn to writing.”
Not lies. Not the truth.

20180223_103008 My first degree (with identifying info blocked out… mostly…

I had never really considered why I chose English before; it was just something I did, not a choice I made. But, after being asked in an interview I started to think. Why did I choose English?! I could have just as easily pursued a science. I absolutely loved Astronomy and Geology. The knowledge and concepts were easy. The things I learned in those classes just made sense even before they were thoroughly explained. I liked being able to *experience* the knowledge. Not to just read about it and know. To actually go outside and soak up the light of the stars and to understand…

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