This is a new place


This place I find myself now

Is a new place

I have never been here before

If I thought in those other darker times

That there was no one there

Well maybe I was wrong

Maybe just maybe what I was experiencing

Wasnt about the reality of today

But about the ghosts of yesterday

Superimposed upon the present

Visions and hidden memories

Of realities now long past

Haunting an unreal present

When I think of that abyss that stretched before me in later years

A vast yawning emptiness

I feared to cross or drown in

I see that it was just the past come calling to me

From a long way beyond

Lapping its awareness around my fraying edges

Now that I find myself in this place

Which is not a space

I have ever been before

I am surprised

When I look out and see

Solid land

Stretching before me

With many sets of hands reaching toward me

And I know that tomorrow

I will decide to go foward from this place

In a new way

Someone changed by what I have discovered

For on this day

When I finally found myself

In a place I had never been before

 I sense how much I was

Shedding shackles of yesterday

And now I know

There is a new way of living calling to me

That depends on me


And believing

That this new place

Has brand new possibilities for me

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