Guest post/link : Mawr Gorshin : The Identified Patient.

In response to a wish I expressed in a recent blog on Post Traumatic Stress to raise awareness of suffering and the attempt to label those who have endured trauma, neglect or emotional abuse,  I am sharing the link to a post by a valued follower on how their life was affected by the trauma of emotional abuse and how they were then pathologised as the “Identified Patient’.

This identified patient is often a family member who is chosen consciously or unconsciously as the scapegoat.  They are often subjected to complex emotional abuse and can come to believe they are flawed or ‘disordered’ in some way.  The scapegoat is often the one who may choose to speak out and so they are devalued by certain members of the family system that is sick.   I hope this post benefits some readers.

The Identified Patient

7 thoughts on “Guest post/link : Mawr Gorshin : The Identified Patient.

    1. I was so interested to read it because the son of my only niece was diagnosed as autistic some months back and she keeps me at an emotional distance as her family use and abuse her and when I stand up for her she makes excuses for them. I was horrified as this boy is so beautiful soft gentle and sensitive. At school they said “he cares too much”. It was so outraged. It came to mind after I read you post. ❤

      1. In no way do I see him as autistic. I have not spent heaps of time with him but his father rejected him at birth so if he is a little withdrawn it is entirely understandable. I see him as very sensitive and intelligent.

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