If you are an empath

Key piece of wisdom I learned today from Andrea Mathews excellent book I have been quoting from recently on needs and the empath.

the empath needs to surround him (or her) self with people who know how to own their own personal stuff.  The empath will also need to learn that he (or she) cannot be responsible for the wellbeing of others, that he (or she) doesn’t have to carry others’ unresolved psychological issues for them.

Mathews points out that as psychic sponges empaths suffer in environments where a lot of emotional energy is in the ether and not being claimed by the people around.  We can become saturated in this situation so its important to cleanse yourself coming out of this kind of situation.  Imagine a shower of golden light, ground your feet on the earth, take a bath or shower, or a walk in nature.  Affirm “this energy is not my energy, I do not need to take it on.”  Notice if you are ‘carrying’ a feeling or energy you didnt feel before you found yourself in that situation.

As empaths it is only natural we gravitate towards alone time, but we also need relationship.  We need to be aware of energy exchanges in relationship, what we take on and what we need to let go of.  We recharge through solitude and it is as essential to us as water and air.   When we are empathic we need to work to become fully conscious empaths so we are not drowned or depleted by others and our tendency to over extend into others emotions and realities.


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