Stifle Your Stigma

Thanks to Beckie’s Mental Mess for drawing my attention to this post. In the fight to end stigma we must support each other.

My Loud Whispers of Hope

You rattled my cage

made become enraged,

wounded and hurt me to my core,

making me want to fight even more.

Your words of stigma sting

with every shocking fling,

of your mocking words and songs

full of cruelty, shame and wrongs.

You need to stifle your stigma,

stifle the trifle,

stifle your rifle,

that shoots out word bullets

that hurt, wound, injure and impair

mental illness healing, recovery and care.

My fight to stop mental illness stigma will not stifle,

until we all embrace the stigma and pain-free kind of rifle,

that shoots out word bullets of love, understanding, compassion, unity and peace.

Stop the stigma. Start the conversation and spread wisdom and harmony, piece by piece.

~written by Susan Walz

stigma 29

“There is no shame in falling down, but there is pride in getting back up.” ~unknown

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I love that quote…

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