Leo Lunar Eclipse

The following are some notes taken from an astrology site on the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on 31 January.  I usually like to credit information I post that comes from another source but have lost the link to this one.  We can be extra emotional or sensitive during full moons and when its a lunar eclipse things rise up emotionally so its not the best time to be reactive.  I am posting this tonight before going to bed though its not fully complete.

Eclipses often bring turning points in our lives. They are often an instigator for change and illuminate areas of our lives that need attention.

The Moon represents our emotions and how we feel safe and secure as we move through the world. During an Eclipse, our sense of security and comfort is often shaken in some way, and we are given the opportunity to really look within and discover our fears, hopes, dreams and the truth.

Seeing as this Blood Blue Moon Eclipse falls in the fire sign of Leo, it is really going to be guiding us to take charge of our lives and to step into that role of being the King or Queen of our own jungle.

As this is Full Moon energy, most of the action we are going to have to take will include clearing things out, doing away with the past and letting things go.

Even though the fiery Leo energy will want us to act, there is also a need to retreat and to clear things from within first. In fact, hidden truths and buried emotions are likely to stir around Eclipse time, and you may need to let things rise up before you know the best course of action.

Eclipses are always emotionally supercharged, and this is even more so. This Eclipse is likely to increase your sensitivity and bring up heated emotions.

Old wounds from the past may resurface, and you may find yourself digging through some muck in order to make sense of the things around you.

If things get intense, or your sense of security is shaken up under the presence of this Eclipse, remember that this is just so you can make some positive changes in your life.

You always have an inner power and inner strength, and tuning into lion or lioness energy and finding your pride is really going to help you.

When you feel safe and secure from within it gives you the confidence to express your truth, be who you are and to go after your dreams. This Eclipse is going to be helping you find your way through this, and to find your inner strength so you can feel confident in who you are and what you are here to do.

As the North Node is passing through the sign of Leo currently, we are in a period of time where we need to pay attention to our inner child. Leo rules the heart and like children, we’re now encouraged to live from our hearts, returning to a place of authentic joy.  Ceres takes centre stage in this eclipse by being tightly conjoined with the Moon. This is about nurturing our creativity, looking after our inner child.

A quincunx from the Moon and Ceres to Neptune asks ‘where have you sacrificed your creative inspiration’? Where have you chosen television or alcohol over self-driven fun? Where did you lose yourself instead of placing yourself at the centre of your world? The quincunx to Neptune is awkward because we’re not comfortable with being the star of the show but it also keeps us humble enough to recognise that everyone is a star in their own right. Whilst at times we might not feel entirely in tune with others, or even ourselves, it’s about giving it a go anyway. Our imagination is unlimited and Ceres holds a cornucopia to represent abundance. The well of inspiration never truly runs dry. It’s only when we starve ourselves of attention that it’s hard to tap.

(This final paragraph is taken from Leah Whitehorse’s astrology page Lua Astrology.)




6 thoughts on “Leo Lunar Eclipse

  1. No truer words than these:”When you feel safe and secure from within it gives you the confidence to express your truth, be who you are and to go after your dreams.” I follow a couple of wise souls on Instagram and their predictions for this Leo moon eclipse, like your post here, have me feeling excited about possibilities. Living our truth, finding safety, security and a way to express who really are; ultimate gifts.

    1. I feel the same way. When I look at how perverted the Leo energy was for older generations where their inner child got crushed or could not live and that wound was passed on I see so much around its transformation in our world. I have Leo rising and Uranus there so I am excited too and really feeling this in my heart which after all is the Leo centre. Thanks so much for that feeback, E. Love Deborah May that glorious lunar light of reflected solar magic shine on you and illuminate the places it most needs to.

  2. This is interesting, thanks for posting it. My intense emotions, fears, etc, all came to a head on Sunday, and then yesterday I took charge of a situation that was one of the things that have been bothering me, stood up for my truth and spoke it. And I’m so glad I did. It turned out well, and I feel quite proud of myself actually. 🙂 A lot of my past fears and trauma’s (that I hadn’t even been consciously thinking of) have showed up in my dreams and got mixed up in the dreams with current events as well. The dreams were revealing. Anyway, looking forward to more of your future astrology posts. 🙂

    1. Thats great Rayne and its really what the energy of this time is asking of us, as I see it. Its too easy to get erased or override our own needs and truth at times. I am so glad you were able to do this as you are a special person with a lot of beauty and inner truth inside. I am feeling so happy that you did this, so, so good to hear. Love you dear friend ❤

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