Relapse in Mental Illness – Part Two

A good article of writing which shows how we can relate to what is going on inside of us during difficult times of relapse and how one sufferer moved himself through it.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

In a blog post earlier this week I discussed what are some of the signs that you might be relapsing.My focus in that blog post was more about ways to prevent by noticing the signs. Today a question arose in my comments for that blog post. What can you do when you have relapsed into your mental health?

I will discuss my own methods.

What Can You Do When You Have Relapsed in Your Mental Health?

For the most part, I write my blog’s from the position of my experience. Relapse is inevitable in my life. I often find myself right back in a depression or manic episode at some point in a year. A year is 365 days, and there is no way for me to escape the forces that conspire to make me relapse. So what can you do when you have relapsed?

The first thing that…

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