The Orphan

Darkness 2

I have written several posts on the Orphan and how this archetypal experience follows and manifests in the aftermath of grief, much of this idea is articulated in the book The Soul in Grief by Robert Romanyshyn which I was reading in the months before my mother’s death.

Today I came across the following quote and it really spoke to my current experience with grief :


the orphan in each of us

carries our shared collective sense

of human sorrow


when the orphan comes

we learn how impossible

it truly is

to live a human life in isolation.


Robert Romanyshyn



7 thoughts on “The Orphan

  1. I have so often felt like an orphan as of late. Though my mother still lives, the orphan inside is crying out. I lost my father at a young age, so it’s a familiar feeling of grief that I am experience, losing the mother I thought I had. Though quite different in many other ways. Buy I’m not sure what is meant by realizing we can’t go through life in isolation. Maybe it’s because I’m not there yet, and still have processing to do. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t ‘actually’ lost my mom. But I don’t fully identify with the authors intended meaning.

    1. What I think is meant by it is that having the absence of love reminds us of how important love and connection are to our soul and when we feel that loss so deeply we feel our hunger and what it is for.
      I hope this makes sense. Losing a parent at the age you did meant this archetype is very strong for you. Lots more I could say but not here and now. Love and hugs beautiful spirit. ❤

    2. Also if you read his book after a long journey of grieving in isolation he met and fell in love again and his grief was what kept him open to the possibility of new love. for some of us that doesn’t happen as our hurt hearts can close in self protection.

      1. It makes sense. I will have to read this book. Someday when I’m not moving and in the middle of half a dozen other books I will have to read it.

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