The depths to personal anger : on being unseen.

There’s personal anger, but underneath there’s often universal rage; and when we are possessed, God help the man who’s on the end of that.

Deep rage is not about the man.  Deep rage is this :

Nobody ever saw me.  Nobody ever heard me.  As long as I can remember, I’ve had to perform.  When I tried to be myself, I was told. That’s not what you think. That’s not what you ought to do.

So, just like my mother and her mother, I put on a false face,  My life became a lie.  That’s deep rage.  (And an even deeper loss.)


Marion Woodman

10 thoughts on “The depths to personal anger : on being unseen.

  1. Reblogged this on The Struggle to Get Here and commented:
    I have come to cherish blogs from the following site.

    This blog was especially raw and I identified with it. As I work through my own struggle I have come to understand the angst and anger that dwells within me. A depth that i never fathomed existed before I faced the mosters I once loved.

    As I learn to protect myself, I find that even deeper than my anger, is my deep sense of grief, and with grief comes understanding. And somehow understanding makes it harder to let go and walk away from the toxicity than anger.

    So I fight the urge to hold onto the anger. But anger won’t help me heal. So I walk this tight-rope over a chasm of uncertainty, not knowing how to move forward, knowing I can’t go back. Sometimes stuck in a place of static.

    1. Yes you get erased on a deeper level and then you start to feel lost but not in any way you can consciously identify. I think this post must have struck a real chord with a lot of people I want to follow on from it with another post….. It does do a number on us. ❤

      1. Hah! Read my most recent blog, it should answer your question. Shall I read more of yours to better understand your anger? (I will read them right now anyway).

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