Loosen : let go


Loosen the knot from you hair

Hang your coat on the back of the chair

And lay yourself down


To the place of letting go

Where being is known

Your weary body has grown thin

And your soul tired

From trying so hard

To fix and do and get

So much so that now

You long only for this

Repose in the soft homespun places of your centre

Where no more demands are laid upon you

Now you know how her aging heart felt

At the prospect of facing more pain

Unconsciously wrought by her desire

To generate life

And that one life

That ended in so much tragedy

Dogged her silently

Never absent on any day or night

As a witness you saw

But could not understand

Her hunger for rest

Until the day at the hospital where visitors descended

Like vultures

And you saw the withdrawal, fear and tiredness in her face

You retreated along the corridor

To the chapel

To cry and pray

And on one of the final nights

As you sat peacefully hand in hand

She told you

This peace is what I have always longed for

Between you and I

Your tears fell as you said only

I am so sorry

But it wasn’t your fault

The cards fell as they did

And the only choice you had

Was in how to play the hand

Dealt to you

God knows that life is strange

There are so many bends along its road

That it is impossible to see around

So now if you

Turn the wheel to the left

Ascend the stairs

Hang your coat on the back of the chair

And loosen you hair

The time to let it all go

Has come

11 thoughts on “Loosen : let go

      1. My heart recognizes your heart. I am sorry life is painful right now. If I were there I would give you a hug. If it would make you feel better! I know not everyone likes touch. So maybe a cup of tea, or just a smile or wave. Whatever would help, though nothing can take the pain away, and I wouldn’t even try to diminish your feelings.

      2. Thank you so much Lily. I was at the library when we were connecting before and my alloted hour was up. I really feel your heart knowing mine, I want you to know it means so much to me and if you were here I am not averse to hugs. I dont think we ever get enough of the right kind of hugs, really. I know you have known depths of pain and aloneness as well and I feel that too. Bless you for following my blog, reaching out and opening your heart to me. Much love Deborah ❤

  1. Glad you shared your pain. Feelings connect solely on common grounds. Region and territories have nothing to do with it. Writing gives strength. Much love to you.

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