Purpose and Depression

A very important persepective on depression.

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For those who live with depression or know someone who does, we’ve heard the message shared time and again about self-love and self-care…

“Remember to exercise, learn to meditate, be mindful, take a bath, stay social, see a therapist, eat well, get lots of sunshine and breathe.”

All excellent and well proven tools to help ease depression. There’s countless articles and research on the value in all that I’ve listed, and I even talk about the significance it’s played in my life in my book,Living with the Dragon.

Purpose and DepressSome sun andvitamin seaHowever, the other night I came across a great article that resonated in me because it came from a different viewpoint on depression. It’s titled “Is Everything you think you know about Depression Wrong?” The article had a different perspective on viewing depression and it made me think deeply about another way to manage it.

One of the many factors that…

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5 thoughts on “Purpose and Depression

  1. This is a great point. I read the two articles linked here. Yes! The current ‘dark night’ I’m experiencing is 100% linked to purpose in the context of trauma. I’ve had this gnawing feeling most of my life that I could do something but it’s like I’m trapped inside an invisible hampered wheel and cannot touch the world, can’t connect to people. My happiest moments in the past two years have been training people I don’t work with and sharing in the WordPress community. I’d even stretch this theory farther to say that much of the social violence we see is the result of people experiencing the same sense of unrest, with links to injustice and systemic oppression from not having enough accessible opportunity to learn and live their life’s purpose. Feeling useless, inept, powerless and not good enough on top of complex trauma is a real bummer. Haha. Agggg, but I feel it so often.
    Eckart Tolle described the moment when his depression shattered; he was sitting on a park bench and it just happened. I keep waiting. My devotion this morning is Let Go, Let God so I will try. A bubble bath is nice but living our true purpose is what makes us feel alive! As if we were put here to do more than take a bunch of beatings, tolerate human suffering, injustice, ignorance and get through it. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. E I think living from our authentic self truly and deeply is when depression truly disappears as I have a theory that its loss of the self and grief over this that fuels most major depression. Why I think this article by Jason is important is that it highlights how we need that sense of purpose from engaging in what has meaning and depth and passion for us and we lose that when we get lost and a lot of the world is lost and encourages us to get lost in chasing what isn’t truly authentic or meaningful for us.

      You said in another comment that your family invalidated you, then the work you have to do is get out from under that, from all the introjects that aren’t about you. One reason I think WordPress is so helpful to us is that here people are trying to be authentic or sharing about true deep realities and pain over being so lost.

      I like some of Eckhardt Tole\le’s stuff but some of it leaves me cold. Maybe that was his journey, he was lost in academia for years and that would have been a prison that said what he writes about being present and escaping past identifications and the pain body is very helpful..

      Keep sharing, keep being authentic, that’s all you can do.
      :Love Deborah
      (Please note I am on the library computer so this is coming up with another identity but its me from EFTDN) ❤

  2. Great post. When I finally acted on my life purpose and lived my authentic self, is when my life turned around. I’ll always be a work in progress and on a lifelong journey of healing, but I’m no longer living in the dark.

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