My heart knows

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My heart knows

What is it like to travel to depths of aloneness

Others find so hard to fathom

But in this I am most surely not alone

If you travel this deep remember that

It is your sensitivity that marks you for such a path

With no filters around your heart

You can see at times how cruel the man made world can be

How hard on softer souls

How removed from the natural flow of love

That is why you must keep believing in your inner beauty

Even when the inner voices of blame and shame

Try to tell you you are nothing

It is only because you are a being of light

That you are being preyed upon by darkness

But don’t let the darkness win

Accept your darkness and embrace it

Once you fully embrace and understand it

You will find great light

Hidden deep within the love that enabled you to feel this pain

You may have to die many times

And shed a thousand skins

But never lose faith

That your soul is opening and deepening

These truths are those I know

Most deeply in my heart

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