Empaths: Grounding Symptomology and Techniques for Solar Plexus Chakra

Empaths are always absorbing others energy. There are some great tips in this post.


I frequently amazed with how I discover methods and information in times of need. The stronger the connection with my inner guidance/ spirit guides becomes the easier life becomes. The more attuned and accustomed we become to the flow, the easier life becomes. It is almost effortless as the right assistance and information falls in our laps at seemingly perfect timing.

Since my Awakening and the development of my Empathic abilities, I have struggled with remaining grounded at times. I am quit literally living in my head at times and channeled by the external energies of the environment/ people. This is something all Empaths must learn how to work with. It is like teaching a sponge to enter the bathtub and maintain its form and density. In other words it is very difficult.

There are certain symptoms I noticed require grounding and depending on where that energy is stagnating depends on the…

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