The power of the soul


The power of our soul Is like a huge tidal swell Moving beneath The level of our consciousness Breaking the surface of our egos with dreams, feelings realisations That at times overwhelm Just like an enormous wave One we sometimes fear the mystery terror and power of

Allowing it to move us To move through us Feels to me a lot like surrendering to a force of love Is fear the opposite of this force Or is it the resitance that keeps it at bay Which stops us from reaching out Due to the worry We will be broken again in some way?

But what if we need to be broken open In order to realise a new level of being Of relationship of understanding?

What if everything that broke us Or broke through us Was a lesson asking to be learned  Was a message of love knocking on our door Wearing a new disguise?  Seeking to break through our resistance and fear

Can we have the courage to surrender to uncertainty, to surrender our insecurity, our fear, to love? To flow with the wave that seeks only to carry us forward To yet again be subsumed in the ocean From which in time a new swell A new wave will arise

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