An appointment with the rain

Rain 2.jpg

Some rain may fall They said Possible late afternoon showers May obscure a bright sky that smiled on you earlier today

You love the rain Now But in those past years Particularly after the one you loved so Chose to slip from this mortal coil Into eternity bright or dark Showers felt like imprisonment An all too painful reminder Of a trapped ocean flow inside that never got to rise Like a wave breaking the banks

Who could you share those tears with When everyone else close by said how much they hate the rain? And what a drag you are for reminding them of thundery rumblings  speaking of the possiblity of immanent showers

Fearing the rain Chance only 10 percent Who knows when tears will fall Or how much others hold back hating you for the reminder of their own loss?

You have learned to live with it over time You now know a moistened soul Is so often pregnant with this opening To a place of full surrendering Is not so scared to dive  Where tenderness lives Is no longer so defiled or rigid in its cast

And if they fight you When the waterfall starts to tumble

Just say

See you later

I have an appointment with the rain

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