A Tribute to the Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse

Another voice of truth from inside of abuse. Let us end the trauma and stigma of invalidation.

I'm Just Jason

One third of Canadian adults have faced some form of childhood abuse growing up. The statistics are likely higher in the US and worldwide which absolutely blows my mind with disbelief. I facilitated a Meetup Group yesterday for fellow Adult Survivors and I had such a sense of relief and freedom by being able to share and listen to the other members. We talked about the suffering and pain we felt as children, and the suffering we continue to face as adults. All of us in the room can attest to feelings of: anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, distrust and low self-esteem during our adult lives. Some of the members in the group have difficulties finding work, getting out of bed, maintaining a healthy relationship, or struggle living with mental health challenges such as depression, schizophrenia, and thoughts of self-harm.


In my blog today, I’d like to pay tribute to all…

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4 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse

  1. How terribly terribly unbearably sad to think how many children are abused and are being abused today. It is frightening to think just how many. To me children are the most precious gift we are given yet time and time and time again things get so twisted and before the parents know it exhaustion comes into play, frustration comes into play, and then the generational curses that they have for so long lived themselves, begin to show. Oh how heartbreaking.

    1. It IS heartbreaking but if you think about it we are evolving to understand the profound sensitivity of the child. It was respected by some in ages past but children of the past were so often not allowed to be children and so their natural gifts and joy were never able to truly flourish. In the case of abuse its hard to believe how someone could want to hurt an innocent child, revenging or playing out God knows what from their own past. The wonderful thing is that more and more people are trying to deal with it and heal. Having the pain acknowledged is so very important. ❤

      1. Acknowledgment is the first step to healing. It is very exciting to see and meet those who are willing to change. I have a post coming about this …. you inspired me and the words came. Thank you! 💖

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