How to handle your Pluto transit

Mine isn’t really an astrological blog.  At times I reference astrology as I found that a deeper understanding of archetypal planetary energies helped me to make sense of certain very painful things going down in my own life.  

Pluto is the archetypal energy of death, loss, grief, rebirth, endings, transformation and change taking us so often to places which we feel are so far beyond our ability to handle.  I have what is called a stellium in my chart which means there is a huge number of energies on the personal side in one sign.  This also means that when a transit hits due to those energies not being spread out change or the transit feels all encompassing. 

When Pluto squared my planets in this order Mars, Saturn, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the North Node when I was in my early 20s I was already in the thick of trauma and then a number of deaths occurred.  My sister had an aneurysim followed by abandonment and psychosis, I had several terminations of pregnancy and my father became critically ill with terminal cancer and died within a very short time.  I then went far away overseas alone and escaped into addiction as a way to cope, this was all a sign that Pluto energy which was a very strong influence on my personal identity was making massive changes but I was not equipped to cope with them. 

At the time a deeper understanding of how to cope with a Pluto transit may have helped me in some way.  It certainly helped me to reconcile some of the past when I got sober just over 8 years later.  I am not sure if the following information will help others but I find it useful so am posting it mainly for myself. 

How to handle your Pluto transit:
Trust your process of change.  Stop fighting it.  The war is over—it’s time to remove the corpses from the battlefield.  Yes, you will be different after this—look for the ways that is a good thing.  Let go of what you don’t really need.  What’s left will be essential and true.  Pluto’s gift is not only the rebirth of whatever he touches, but also your growing sense of deathlessness, every time he changes you by taking away what you didn’t really need.  Fly, bright butterfly, into your new life.  But don’t forget the caterpillar, because you will be that again, somewhere, someday.

How does Pluto change us? 

By putting us through a death and rebirth experience, a “long, dark night of the soul.”

A Pluto transit is the most profound of all the planetary transits:  it is nothing less than a total and complete transformation from one way of being to another.  In nature, this is best illustrated by the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.  In the cocoon, the caterpillar’s structure is lost in a meltdown to a mass resembling stem cells, from which, miraculously, the animal finds a new shape as butterfly.  For human beings, this is a psychological process during which we often feel we are in meltdown or “lost in the dark,” not knowing what we are to become or what life will be like when we emerge.

This calls for a deep trust in the ways of nature and in oneself.  It requires letting go of that which needs to pass away and allowing the new to come forth, without knowing what is to come.  This is terrifying for human beings, who want to be in control.  During a Pluto transit the need to be in control can lead to out-of-control behavior, addictions and power struggles, both within and without.  But does it have to be this way?  Not really.  Not if you learn to let go of control and allow change to pass through your life.

In short during our Pluto transit we need to find ways to let go and let god.  To allow the life energy whose other side is death, loss or change to pass through.  We do this by opening, by freeing, by releasing, by shedding that which was only ever on loan.

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