Alone inside your head

Alone inside your head on the tough days

Its is a kind of torment

Thoughts can go round and round

And who knows how many of them are true

And how many figments or projections

Of depair, fear or insecurity

When we find ourselves in this state

Its is hard to see the reality

And we can be haunted

It is so difficult to shift our focus onto the good

Or life affirming

If rejection or criticism is what we have so often found

That is why at times

Reaching out can help

Verbalising the things its painful to say

Those things that haunt us

Demons of thoughts come to visit us

And can grow scarier in the shadow

Another’s attention or light

May help dispel

The powerful hold of the demon’s voice

So if you can my lovely

Don’t stay trapped too long in your mind alone

Remember what they said to you years ago

At times it is a dangerous neighbourhood

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