Poetry : thank you


Poetry you brings me such peace On these deeply lonely mornings when troubles haunt me and I worry out of  love for those near to me who also suffered terrible loss and without help find themselves now with deep pain from the struggle.

Poetry you give me a way to express that which is impossible to express Between the words lie hidden silent griefs and struggles Pain it is not eay to share With your flowing out my body and bowels are released I no longer need to struggle and twist this way and that all alone in my bed

Poetry you give me a purpose and Bring me great joy Even in the midst of the deepest despair and sorrow. You loosen their burden of heaviness for just a moment granting me release

Poetry I do not know how I would survive without out you Other poets remind me with their own words That I am not alone in my own world with these deep feelings  That someone somewhere else struggled in similar ways to reconcile all the ill matched threads of their lives Into a beautiful rich tapestry

Poetry, I pray never leave me Although my mind and heart and soul know you are like the tide At times you are gone from me At other times you are a wild surge of verbatim spewing forth That asks to use my fingers as a receptive channel to flow through A pure wisdom stream of energy that arises unbidden and asks only of this blank screen A scribe and witness

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