The remembering

Remember this cold dust That fell like fractured starlight on our dreams As our bones were ground to ash With the hurts we could not speak That lay buried deep inside the marrow Aching with a silent pain That could find no words

Here you are Like a specture Emptied fully Of all the ways you knew

Now there is only vacancy and a deep silence That falls over every room How could things be so altered And all in so little time

We had too much heartbreak To absorb It fully There was just a shattering Which lay to waste Every road home And yes, cold dust was all that remained

Alone in the dark With no seeming way forward We reached for straw To fill the hollow spaces left by absence And an agonising unspoken sorrow covered everything In a blanket of snow Our souls grown weary and cold

We were told to forget What was too painful to remember

Now years later We realise the awful truth

As cold dust becomes warm ash

We burn deeply inside With the remembering

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