The Alchemy of Grief

Complicated grief can be very difficult. Its lovely to find a post on the subject.

The Other Side of Complicated Grief

Life, as you know it, stops when someone you love dies.
What was once an unending future filled with love and companionship, suddenly – and against your will – became an uncertain future with no instructions on how to navigate the fallout. A future that is overwhelmingly filled with pain, confusion, and loneliness. This is not what you had planned.
You will wonder at the things that seemed important to you before loss — all of the unnecessary things in life that seemed elemental to your happiness. You will also wonder at all of the important moments you took for granted
Grief produces a kind of alchemy of the soul. Before loss, the soul was entombed by all of the irrelevant demands and notions of the ego. After loss, through the flames of pain, all of your material desires and trivial needs, fall away and are exposed as meaningless.

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