Outside of myself : A return to love


Outside of myself In a dark place Lost inside I know you are hurting

I feel it deep inside my skin A pain that is both mine and not mine

Holding your hand I am crossing the divide

Anger and misunderstanding kept us apart

Did we see the depths of each others suffering? The hurting heart

We are sharing this now Across ages

Saying things We cannot say to anyone else

Separation too far gone

I do not think there is a way back now

And so we live with the space between

And the emptiness that comes at times


But still

Beating deep down inside this emptiness

There is a love too

That is both vast and eternal

And has the ability to span

The magnitude of generations

Ghosts that whisper

Only longing to be know

Surround us in this quiet place

And are felt Skin on skin

Somewhere a mother got lost And a child’s heart ached Both with hurt and with longing

Gone silent Assuming a terrible disguise

That chased connection from the room

As refuge was sought By distance

But now

Longing, hungering and hurting

In reminding us

Of all that was lost

Sounds the clarion call

To return

Our awareness and attention

To forgiveness

To understanding

To connection

To empathy

To love

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