Answer with love

Broken heart

So much aching and hurting and sorrow in the world

Answer with love

So many silent pains carried so long and buried down so deep

Ask of us a remembering

That once a soul that was young dreamed and hoped for so much more

But was then led on a journey that led through a valley of tears

Feeling the depth of it can overwhelm a heart that is open

And then the deeper truth is glimpsed after so many years

Of struggle, anger despair, pain and hurting

That all the time love was there

Calling out our names and the names of those we loved

Longing for our return

Softer feelings and vulnerabilities eclipsed in the fire of a burning moment

Where only thwarted desire and frustration was felt

As well as the pain and pressure of caring and wanting so much for this naked soul

Now as you feel the deep pain held under the cover of silence of years

Please remember

To answer with love

That the answer is love

(For my mother)

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