Come home


Come home A voice whispered to me in the silence I am here I am the body that longs for you And I remember how hard it was For you to be here when suffering rained down

Those barren days are gone Please come home A light is shining inside

The power you thought was stolen Never really went away How sad it is to see How powerless you felt for so many for years

Rivers of tears Come as realisation of illusion dawns It hurts to wake up

But body wants to move To celebrate and embrace the light Life there just ripe for the taking Is felt with the making of a conscious decision to move forward And openness to the present moment

Cocoons are shed When time for birthing comes You feel the breaking open as pain Because life is entering you And there is an ache in realising the cost of your resistance to letting go was the price of so many lost years

Those years will not come again And feeling frozen in fear or fight is not really living

Is it?

Body says Come home to me Please love me I am not the enemy What hurt was what pierced your flesh Without permission And then left Leaving agony in its wake And so you sought refuge Deep in a place where no one could enter  Without knowing it was refuge you sought Makes no sense?  Waking you see it The sleeper sees nothing

Body says I am here And I hurt when you leave me alone.  Please come home to me I am your pain unmasked and your joy in living realised at the end of the long road of dissociation

I heal your fractures just a little when through consciously remembering and consciously embracing all you have lived, all you have suffered, all you long now to surrender and let go

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