Up and down the stair case : the tension of opposites


Remember how you stood With one foot suspended on the stair Above you a couple Below you a couple Then lightening bolt of electricity through your spine Fear then came And nearly squeezed the life out of you Making it hard to breathe Walls closed in And you were sucked back Into the vortex Of ancestral swirl Ghosts who call to you With whisper tendrils on entrails torn

Saturn is above you at the top of the stair Was yet to make his descent to the bottom And so you travelled home to the opposing pole Southern to the Northern Then back and forward Two more times Ancestors called And you cried with the thought of leaving Those green fields behind And Melanie said This is your Ancestors Deborah Honour their pain Their longing Their need

Emerging in the bright light Depression grabs you down You are not yet fully conscious of the life within a life This life seems a phantom Compared to the one you left behind And you the ghost who walked Or was possessed inside With thoughts of suffering and doom both a sufferer and a witness of ancestral trauma

Don’t give up because you are still on the spiral staircase Remember that wisdom and consciousness is birthed by surrendering to travel up and down For as many times as is necessary both to bring birth your soul And bring light out of the darkness you must contain By holding fast to the tension of opposites

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