To feel our joy


Reflection of today :

  Is the purpose of pain to show us how essential to our soul a sense of joy is? How much our souls suffer without it?

What brings your soul joy?  What lights you up from the inside?  A sense of joy will be the antidote to pain and suffering.

Can you connect outside of the pain To something that makes you feel good That takes you back into your body and out of the prison of your mind and suffering

The feel of a warm cup of tea in your hands The softness of a carpet or a dog or cat’s fur  The feel of water running over and cleansing your skin Sunshine on your face Wind in your hair

Life and nature are there and longing to bring us joy

It is easier to feel on the sunny days When sun reminds of the fire that moves and gives life to things

On the dull grey cold days it is harder But don’t stop reaching for joy and comfort outside any pain you may feel if you do today.  For joy is what fills us when we are open to embrace life. And joy is what comes after we have faced honestly the depth of pain life has given us and awakened us to.

Joy 2

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