I asked you

I asked you to hear me

You said

Go away

I asked you to see me

And I felt invisible

You said

What you feel doesn’t matter

You got it wrong

Or don’t create such a drama

You left me alone in it

When I tried to tell of the dark space

Hurting and hungering

You said it doesn’t hurt and don’t be so greedy

You said with every look and gesture

Who you are annoys me

Don’t make me see things

I have done and experienced

That I feel ashamed of

And would rather forget

You said to me

Let it go

Without helping me to do that

You said

It’s too painful

I don’t want to go there

I said this is the truth and it hurts

You said what is truth

It was my truth

But you wont allow it or receive it

I said

Enough is enough

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