Bright light


Bright light

Let your soul shine

Undimmed by fears or limits

Of those

Who would see it extinguished

For want of knowing how to recognise

Joy Happiness Enthusiasm Passion

These are not the disease

They led you to believe

And just because you at times

Fly high

And journey low

Does not mean that you are sick

Sicker is a society

Conditioned to deny the soul of a bright bird

Who gains joy in flight

Or is conditioned to deny

The dark indigo of deep sorrowing and grieving

Felt by those who sadly endured loss

So let your light shine

Allow your wings to fly

Let the highs and lows carry you along on this journey

And follow the flow of your heart

As it beats and floods in your chest

A rare bird following a raging river

Through brightest day

And darkest night

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