Maybe : thoughts on waking up


Maybe I am meant to see but not always to be seen Maybe my demand to be seen by the sightless is a silly ask Maybe the truth is that it is the love that is given that is most important For there is always love we can give and it opens up when we practice acceptance even of the tough stuff

Feeling deeply is not easy Being human we struggle with mistakes and choices and all kinds of dilemmas  In a world where now there is so much choice probably we learn to live in more of a world of possibilities rather than realities.  When our vision is pulled forward or in too many other directions we struggle to be truly present for ourselves and for others But isn’t this our most important task?

How can we hear a world that is crying out if we don’t listen?  How can we see and feel what is really happening if we are not awake?  How, if we numb ourselves to hurt and pain can we understand that certain things are not good for ourselves or others and this applies to attitudes we hold?

One thing I know, waking up is painful but its preferable to sleep walking.  And there is light in the world if we seek it We must find the sun that warms our heart and soul and not allow the ghosts of cold and heartlessness to dog our every waking moment Where we put the focus of attention is so important and giving love to our pain means we open up a space of tenderness deep inside where things that hurt can be transformed in the light of love’s awareness

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