Born that way

Apparently Highly Sensitive People are just born that way,  I am never entirely sure as I feel all babies are born with acute sensitivity but I also know some are wired differently, that said the way the HSP is responded to as a both a baby and a child is going to make a huge difference to how they develop in life and whether they will know how to respond to and manage that kind of sensitivity.

In a post the other day I shared how parental holding and attentiveness also leads to acute hypersensitivity.   A mother’s inability to respond to and soothe a distressed baby dictates a lot of what that developing human comes to anchor into his or her developing brain, body and cells and affects the person’s own ability to self soothe.   If we are not held, if we consistently told that it didn’t hurt, that we are making it up, that we should not feel or respond that way, what does that tell us, really?

The central message we get is that we are not okay as we are, that there is something wrong with us, that we need to change.  But what about if what others who are insensitive tell us is wrong with us is really right with us.  What if we came to earth to be their teachers?  What if we came to earth at a critical time where human kind’s insensitivity to life and nature is causing massive problems?   What if the so called ‘mental illnesses’ or addictions we develop in an mixed up emotionally shut down society are not really illnesses at all but signs of adaptation stress or distress?  What then?

How will it help us to then consistently lose our power to professionals who try to medicate us into submission so that we can adapt back to what is not a healthy life situation in the first place?

There is more I want to write on this subject, but I have dental appointment this morning and I just want to post it before I get ready.  I am only just really waking up to my own struggle as a HSP and realising so many things.  I hate to see HSPs judged or judging themselves, when really understanding will bring them relief in what at times is a very insensitive world.


10 thoughts on “Born that way

  1. An interesting take on things. I am definitely a HSP and have always considered it a weakness. Only recently have I begun to change that view of myself. It’s hard when you’ve grown up being told to “toughen up” and not be so emotional.

  2. As an HSP myself, I’ve often wondered about the mental illness, drug & alcohol use, as you purpose in your post. Are they more sensitive, in a world that doesn’t want them to see the truth?

    1. Yes I have heard it described by someone in recovery like being the canary in the coal mine. We are more sensitive to the hurtful and toxic and the system doesn’t like us thinking for ourselves or feeling too deeply as then we cannot be controlled. That said we need to be sensitive to how we may check out of it through certain means that may destroy our fine tuned systems. That is difficult if we don’t know why we are suffering. 🙂

    1. Hey Amy I think we can always learn new ways. Reaching the core truths is challenging but if we can understand and show compassion that goes a long way to helping us calm our distress, just like a loving mother would. I was thinking about your Nana last night being awake at 3 am and what she ad gone through in her life maybe there is a strong link there Xo

      1. it really is interesting how the mind holds onto things!oh bless you thank you so much x i think about you sometimes to and wonder how you are getting on. x

  3. Thank you for this post. I’m an HSP too and always saw myself as being “not ok” because this was the message given to me. I’ve started questioning the truth in that only recently… and noticing how I deny the validity and even presence of certain emotions such as anger and sadness but can immediately accept other emotions like embarrassment. It was one of those moments of realization.. just trying to figure out where to go from here! Love your blog posts.. they’re very well informed and to me extremely relatable.

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