The hurt and pained bully and love

Do you have an inner bully? I know I do. This post helps ecplain why the bully rebels as we heal.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Someone asked to know more about what I referred to as sub-personalities and parts in the last post: The somatic imperative and meditation — she thought that perhaps it was the drug withdrawal that created these parts. I responded:

no, it’s not the drugs or the withdrawal that causes the subpersonalities. They UNCOVER them when the nervous system gets trashed by the drugs in the withdrawal process and from overuse…everyone has them. We are in the unique position to totally heal them because they become obvious to us. Coming to understand this stuff allowed me to understand that there truly is a gift in this horrible situation we are forced to come through. Life is full of paradoxical wondrousness really…and I say this without diminishing how awful all of this can be too.

I never say this shit is a gift lightly or to someone who can’t possibly understand how…

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