Walk with who you are [belated Mental Health Monday]

One of the best posts Ive read in a long time.

the silent wave

Breaking Bad, a show that aired on the US cable TV channel AMC from 2008 until 2013, is essentially about unwise choices borne of dire circumstances, and trying to solve the unpleasant consequences of those choices by digging deeper into the realm of the underworld via additional unwise choices.

Yet, if one is paying close attention, there is plenty of wisdom to be gleaned from that show.

One of the most significant pearls of wisdom comes from an unlikely source (and a quite minor character), the 12-step addiction recovery counselor with whom one of the main characters has contact.

The reason this character’s wisdom is unlikely is because he’s planted into a show that illustrates fictional-but-realistic proof that the underworld depicted in the show can be extremely tempting, luring, compelling, and invisibly chaining. The counselor himself is not perfect, having been One of Them at some point before it took…

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3 thoughts on “Walk with who you are [belated Mental Health Monday]

  1. Yes, very good, I admit that I am not always satisfied with myself but can be with the way I am and take action, ask for and accept help in order to move in a positive direction. I find the latter to be most difficult

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