Darkness gathering : Black Pearl

Darkness 2.jpg

Is there a darkness gathering

In the hurting heart of humans?

So much despair about a world

That seems to be changing

And not for the best

Haven’t we lost our way

And don’t we often dream of better days

Long ago

Painful as such memories are

Torn at the edges

Frayed with distance and time

There is some comfort in nostalgia

Are those days over

But really

Have we truly lost connection with any soul

That touched our own

For good or ill?

In the past darkness

Ghosts gather

But scarier is the sense

That in the world

Feeling has become numb

Or gone ghostly

 Driving us so far down


To a lost place where

We swim in black oceans

Oh dark black ocean pearl

In which is reflected

Our entire cosmic ancestral history

And portents of doom

You have deep tales to tell

And lessons to reveal

Hard as it is

We must turn to face you

For it is much too late

To turn back now

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