The forgiving moment

This quote speaks more deeply to the issue of our struggles with forgiveness than any other quote I have read before.  It is so powerful and true, I just had to share it.

Don’t try to forgive yourself or anyone else right now.  Forgiveness is not a destination, not a ‘doing’, not something you can skip to.  First, accept, that this moment is exactly the way it is right now.  And the past was the way it was.

Accept your non acceptance in the present.  Forgive your inability to forgive, right now.  Feel your breath, the sensations in your body, the life that burns brightly in you.

Everyone is doing their best, even when it seems like they are doing their worst.  Everyone is dreaming or having a nightmare, battling with pain you may never understand.  You don’t have to condone their actions.  You may not be able to wake them up.  You don’t have to like what happened.

Simply let go of the illusion that it could have been any different.  You are different now anyhow.  Don’t focus on something you have no control over.  The past is a distant land.

Bring your attention back to this moment.  Your true source of power.  Your place of connectedness.

Wake up from the dream that anyone has any power to take away your inner peace.

Drop the need to be right.  Embrace the need to be free.  Come out of the story of “my life”.  Reclaim the moment

Forgiveness will come in its own sweet time, and you are forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Jeff Foster

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