On the Necessity of being ‘Selfish’

Just what I need to remember right now. Thanks Rebel Recovery!

Rebel Recovery

I’ve been contemplating the word ‘selfish,’ lately. A ‘bad’ word when I grew up in my family. A label that was applied to me very strongly (to put it mildly), implicitly or explicitly, often when I tried to look out for myself, or do what I wanted, or go to where I wanted to be.

I was badly abused by my father who had an undiagnosed mental illness including narcissism and sadism.  And when that happened, which was on most of the days of my young life, my mother mostly simply looked on. She failed to stand up for me in the way that I needed from her.

And as I grew older, well into my adulthood, I failed to stand up for myself and the abuse continued. And I failed to unfold as I should have. I had developed deeply flawed ways of thinking and behaving. I never had…

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2 thoughts on “On the Necessity of being ‘Selfish’

  1. I’m honoured that you shared my blog post on your blog. I can see that this journey I’m on of returning to myself is one that you share. I hope we can pick up many others along the way, as I see it as perhaps the most important journey of all. Here’s to healing: yours and mine and all of ours. Best wishes. A.

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