Letting go, love and Let it Be

I decided it was too much to visit the hospital today to visit my Mum.  I had a killer morning with my new denture.  I rang a beautiful new friend I made a few months ago and was in tears,  immediately she said to me “would you like me to come over?”   That threw me,  I am so unused to that kind of care.  I said yes, then went through swings and roundabouts in my mind.  I answered the door with no teeth and her visit which was only brief filled my day with light.  I then got rugged up to take Jasper to a woodland area to kick the ball around and we watched in fall down a deep embankment to a stream and the be carried along.  I didn’t panic, Jasper was off like a rocket down the wall.  I thought to myself “its gone!” but at that part of the wall I looked to see four or so small metal handle-like step/protruberances enough to climb down and for some reason that was the only place I saw any at all.  What a miracle! We got our ball back and continued on.  I was grateful for two small miracles in my day.

I then went to do my groceries, have a coffee and read my book After Auschwitz by Eva Schloss the step sister of Ann Frank and it was revealing to me as following the rise of Nazism in Austria her family managed to escape to Holland where my father was from and in the book she was saying that as Nazism began to gain a strangle hold on Europe the Dutch blithely believed all would be okay with a kind of wishful thinking.  Wow I thought to myself, so that is where it comes from.

Cosy now back home, late afternoon shadows are falling, the heating hums gently and quietly.  I have said a big no to any guilt for not making it to the hospital to see my Mum today. Today I needed to take care of me.  I then read some lovely comments on my blog on forgiveness that comforted me a lot, too and made me feel so understood and connected with.   So all in the all a day that started out difficult has transformed due to actions I have taken and due to the love and care of a truly good friend who was willing to extend her love to me at a sad time and a kind follower who reached out to share. Thank you!

Then what came to mind was the Beatle’s song Let It Be so I am going to post that there to perhaps comfort others who may be struggling with letting it be and letting go into release, relaxation comfort and love.

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