Dancing : all the things I cannot say



Deeper than I can say

These tangled littered landscapes

Of my heart and soul

In the dance I give them expression

Speaking in movement

So much feeling words could never say

When I dance

I feel my heart to be the centre of my being

And all feeling radiates out

With arms reaching skyward

Twisting and turning

With my legs moving

I am in the flow

Dancing deep inside

The vast river I have lived

All my remembrances

And all my linkages

To souls past, passed and present

They are here with me now

In the dance

So much hope

So much pain

So much letting go

I don’t know how I lived it

But here I am

On winter’s night

Prospect of surgery close

Another war I have to go through

Dancing as powerfully

As I can

Affirming the beauty of my spirit

Giving expression in silence

To all the things

You could never know I have lived through

All the deepest experiences

I will never be able to say

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