Wednesday Adult Alone

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On Wednesday

I will go alone

No longer the child

Adult me will take

Young child me along

And finally be the adult

She needed all those years

As they put the needles in

And take the eye tooth

Or what is left of it

After its splintering

Silent tears will fall

Like ghostly rain

As ancestral mist

Fallen down upon a soul

So alone

There was no way of knowing

Its plight

Survivors both

We will weather this storm

And let the consequences come

Knowing there comes a time

When the ransom

Of wounded generations past

Exacts its toll

On the child

Wednesday will be the day

Mercury’s day

Day of siblings

Siblingless child

Alone on the stairs crying

Her cries will echoes

Along the corridor of Wednesdays

As aged Mother

Feels in her heart


The despair of a motherless child

Who took so long to grow up

But now in facing

What must be faced

What needs to be done

Becomes an adult

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