Winter deep


Winter deep

Spectral branches

Form silhouettes

Dark fingers

Reaching heaven ward

Framed by grey skies

Barren of foliage

Reminding me of the stark emptiness

Of my life

Past times




Lost in strange lands

Surrounded by even stranger people

Who are you

Who and where am I?

But now in silence

I touch my own soul

Knowing its contours best

Through poetry and music

And only in this darker deeper emptiness

Do I finally come home

But being so far from human comfort

Means painful reminders of ostracism abound

Like ghosts

Haunting me at times

So I draw the curtains

And light the lamps

Creating a cocoon

In this deep absence

Can I reach deep enough

To find presence?

An inner source

 That will give some comfort, soothing and warmth

Granting rest to my weary soul?

During the indrawing dusk

Of winter’s night


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