Feeling a sister’s heartache

I just read a post from one of the people I consider to be the closest blogging sister I know and my heart felt so heavy for her, she was feeling the pain of being so alone, wanting to be alone but not wanting to be alone, feeling that she would always be alone when she so longed for some one’s touch and comfort.  There were no words to say to know how to comfort her in that space but my heart ached and I remembered how my day started just over 7 hours ago in a black dark space.  Somehow I got all the things done I needed to do today.  Although it was freezing I got Jasper to the oval and we managed 20 minute of play time and a short walk.  I couldn’t stomach lunch so I just had a coffee and a donut and then my heart was warmed by several comments of love and support on my blog.  I tell you some days Word Press connections with their deep souls are the only ones who make the difference between the black hole swallowing me and being able to breathe and feel I can live to take the next step.

Anyway I got my shopping done and just made a curry for dinner.  But my heart was deep in the space with my beautiful sister who I probably wont ever meet but feel like I know so deeply.

And I just wanted to say to those who reach out and read what I write and at times take the time to comment, to all those who bear their own souls and have the courage to be real and brave, thank you so much, you make life worth living and just to know you are out there somewhere means for that instant the world feels like a far less lonely place.

6 thoughts on “Feeling a sister’s heartache

  1. Wow….Im not normally speechless but this made me that way. Beautiful post such kind words. I understand the feelings of being alone and the fear of it always being that way. thank you.

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