My heart, opening to the deep


This afternoon there is a flood

Or a deep ocean that is flowing from within

I did not know that there were

Gates around my heart

Which this vast ocean

Was trying to breach

Today I saw how much deeper everything was

And how my own ego’s vision obscured

For so many years

Deeper truths than one alone

Could ever know

Erecting powerful barricades

Driven by fear and defence

The love I longed for

Could not be returned in the way I needed then

But which I am now sensing so deeply

Was present though not spoken

Today becomes a torrent

Sweeping my soul clean

Of mistaken views

I am so sorry for the years I spent

Locked in barren isolation

But would todays feelings be possible

If I had not travelled that path

I know how it is to be so far from human aid

And to form barricades

Behind which the hurting heart

Hungers and bleeds

But now my soul is being freed

And it is such a powerful release

I know not from where this liberation comes

 Because it is beyond reason

So I just surrender to it

And smile while I cry

With gratitude

Saying, Yes

Love Please enter

Through this open door

That was formerly closed

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