Struggling with accepting where I am at : reaching deep to hear wisdom mind

I am grieving because life is out there and I am not living it today

I am too  concerned with the pain of past that is gone

and if anger doesn’t serve the process of taking me

deeper into the sorrow that comes

when the cost of holding onto defences of anger

rob my present life of love healing and compassion

what is it worth?

Can I say I am really living?

Take a walk darling and let the energy flow!

Then wisdom voice/mind says to me :

Deborah be patient and compassionate

Love and don’t criticise yourself

it’s okay to struggle

it’s okay to question

it’s okay to wonder

it’;s okay to somedays get trapped in your mind

in trying to figure it out

because on a new day you will do something else

on a new day you won’t be struggling so hard

in time days of struggle will give birth to something else

you just have to be patient and trust the process

and know that there will be a day when you can move forward

into the present moment

to actually live it

to embrace life

just allow your pain and anger a place

and trust that they will transform

and release you

to love and freedom

in time

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