Its just your ‘negative ego’

This comment is something going through my head immediately after posting my last post on anger. The inner voice is also saying “what good is it going to do you hanging onto all of these angry things oh and by the way its almost 12 now and a sunny day and you haven’t walked the dog!”  Welcome to my inner head process peeps!

There is still a powerful inner voice telling me that somehow being angry, remaining angry and setting boundaries with hurtful people shows I am not yet spiritually developed enough to have got beyond ‘negative ego”.  But my question is this : “Don’t we need an ego sometimes to differentiate what is helpful and what is hurtful for both of us?”  Do we have to be spiritually advanced enough to ‘let all the pain go?’

Just some further questions and yes there is still a lot of day left to get out there and walk the dog in the sunshine.   And no one will die if I don’t.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Its just your ‘negative ego’

  1. I have heard that statement far too often for my liking. Being told one is not advancing spiritually if one continues to be angry or get angry is like removing the stitches of a new wound and rubbing salt on it. When people tell me this I like to reply with the line “yes that may be true but everyone seems to forget I am also only human”. I am allowed to get angry and yes we are allowed to be angry. So to answer you yes I do believe we need the ego sometimes. For me, setting boundaries for people who piss the he’ll out of me is the most effective and healthy thing I can do. It is my sure fire way of ensuring they remain alive and me, out of prison. And yes, I’m sure the doggy won’t not walking today 😲

  2. So, so true….Turning the other cheek means we get a briused face on both sides…😕 and theres a thousand other of these aphorisms. We need a self and healthy ego. I just listened to a program on the pathology of not being in touch with our true self last night and how ego development is so essential to that process…love to you 💖

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