Wellspring of compassion

Soul of the Universe

From deep within me

this well spring of compassion opens up

It is not a river

It is a deep underground ocean

Filled with the ancestors

who each had their journey

and are the deep sea we rose out of

dare we stop and look over our shoulders

to see the truth of what went down

in our conversation today we spoke of dementia

and how if we view this from the perspective of the soul

what is stripped back to

are deep essential experiences and attachments

that took root and

hold on with a deep tenacity

that will not be obliterated by surface things

your friend didn’t recognise her daughter

but she recognised you

and the deep hard journey you were

on as young women with tales you could not share

with those who came later

who now feel so disconnected

and so unknown

deep suffering scars the soul

and leaves its ghosting imprints

longing to be known

pulling you back like a tide

to essential places

from this deep wellspring of compassion

I recognise more deeply the bondage of self

that may not allow us to see as deeply

essential things we longed for so deeply

but missed out on

seeking vainly in others who bear their own scars

such pain asks of us an enlarging

into wisdom compassion

that embraces thousands of fathoms deep

soul truths which sunk so long ago

beneath the surface of consciousness

and are resurfacing in generations present

to be recognised, understood and known

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