Dark Spirit


Dark Spirit

You are the chaos that can not be tamed

Your wildness is something

That evokes fear in the hearts of the uninitiated

Who wish to impose their sense of order

On your primal domain

Why can’t they see

Your spirit cannot be tamed

You are the wild horse that should never be

Broken, bridled or tethered

But rather, allowed to run free

Urged forward by a darkly irrational heart

Driven by longing

And vision of deeper realms

We split from years ago

Plague and pestulence

We feel the need to tame you

And so we strive for our cures

But what if some rare flower

Requires this chaotic compost

To bloom?

And love is only ever birthing

Out of ashes

Through a sheer force of nature

Well beyond our mind’s limited ability to grasp

That does not operate in rational ways?

Will we then lay all blooming to waste

Even if the ground looks like a wreckage

Who is to know what darker beauty and wisdom

Is being birthed

Deep within these wilderness places

Dark Spirit

Show us there is another way

Don’t let us kill any more

The chaos beauty that wants to rise

From the darkness

From deep within

The primal creative place

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