You don’t live there any more


There are days when darkness steals in

Clouds cover the horizon and it feels cold

And you remember how dark and cold and lonely

Those long years were

How you sought fire and warmth in liquid

Which burned you deep inside

And in a way gave you comfort

When there was no other loving presence there

A way to fit and pretend all was okay

But it wasn’t

Deep inside your heart was aching

And you felt like such a stranger in this world

Trapped inside

A witness and an observer

Always on the outside

But you don’t live in the darkness anymore

And your observer self helps you now as it always has

And you know

There are times when you enter your heart

You dive down deep into that ocean

And find a home underneath the waves

In the deeper truths

Others fear and hide from

And today even though dark clouds

Cover the literal horizon again

Inside your heart there is a light

That guides you home

That guides you to truth

Yes you have known great darkness

But you don’t live there anymore

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