Wake Up

Powerful, true and brilliant.

A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave

Sit for while with your eyes open. Cover your ears and listen to the blood pumping, alive, a piece of more than you let yourself see. There is music in the wind, the trees, the streams, blood flowing in rhythm with every heartbeat. If only humans had the sense of nature and were able to hold the note that binds us together and cherish it as it is meant to be, the precious treasure of connectivity. It’s so obvious yet so difficult to find. There isn’t any real mystery here.

Birth, life, death.

Stop and let it in.

We are all locked to the same self sentenced smiling chain gang blindly following unspoken laws, slowly approaching a cliff that there is no coming back from. Every day closer to the edge, hoping you aren’t the next one to fall. Pseudo happiness, death in disguise.

I’m not lining up for that.

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