Its okay darling


It’s okay darling.  Things are going to be okay.  I know there are things you feel really sad about some days, things that you cannot change, things you may have judged yourself and others for when judgement wasn’t the right way.  You were only human and doing what humans do and often you did not realise how afraid you and they were!

It’s okay to make mistakes, darling that is the way you learn.  It’s also okay to feel you failed when really perhaps you were meant to fail this time in order to learn lessons.  I know how painful some of the lessons have been but try not to see these lessons as an attack, try to see them as life and love trying to teach you something.

It’s okay darling to have been so angry, to have cursed and sworn.  You weren’t yet at the stage where you could accept things and there were some things you were not meant to accept.  When others rejected you for being angry and hurt that burned like hell, what you really needed was understanding, acceptance and a hug as well as a listening ear that in being open to your soul could help that soul to flourish.  It helps to realise that so often others attack and defend against anger out of fear of their own.

It’s okay darling some days to feel so raw that you have no skin.   I know how much it hurts but remember the fire was going on to liberate something trapped deep inside that couldn’t be dislodged in any other way and when you found the courage to let it burn and hold yourself still amongst the flames, see how much you transformed?

It’s okay darling to suffer and to be vulnerable because often suffering and vulnerability are the price of liberation and wisdom, often essential truths are only revealed after you have found the courage to open your heart and arms open wide enough to encompass and embrace the suffering and vulnerability that is asking to enter and find a place of homecoming and being deep within your soul.

It’s okay darling, you are going to be okay, who you are is okay, who you are is just you, open your heart to embrace you, open your heart to embrace others, open your heart to embrace the life and love that wants to enter you.  And know that in and through opening to it all, you find love.

4 thoughts on “Its okay darling

  1. This was so powerful. But I couldn’t help but think how much I wish one of my parents had said/would say this to me. How much quicker the healing would be.
    It was still comforting though. The above was just a thought. Maybe my depression talking.
    Thank you for posting it ❤️

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