Motherless : Mother Loss


So many times I found myself

Without a mother

Without a home

Wandering here and there

With pain locked silently

So deep inside

But how could I know before

This pain of being motherless and of motherloss

Stretched generations back

From deep within the ancestral spiral

I feel your pain and grief

Speaking to me Thomas

Your mother died

And you, too went so very far from home

I will never fully know

The deep pain you carried

And drank down

But I want you to know I feel you

Across the ages

Deep inside the spiral vortex

Of ancestors

And in tears I shed now

 I sense your unspoken, unwitnessed grief

I want you to know I understand

And how my heart aches now

To say to my mother No I cannot come

Though deep longing pulls on me

With invisible threads

Yet deep with the silence

This I know

There is a love that never ends

And we carry its imprints

Of motherlessness

Of mother loss

Until we find the mother

Deep inside

Who will comfort us

Bear witness to all the pain

And dry our tears

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